Sunday, March 13, 2011

women queefing

Yes, there are videos out there featuring women queefing. A queef is when air passes out of a woman's vagina. It makes a sound that sounds just like a fart. I didn't know about queefing, untill that episode of Southpark. It was a very rediculous arguement, that men can fart, but women weren't allowed to queef as a result of a little girl queefing in the face of poor butters. Yeah, it was a big deal for the men, and they had a whole big thing, announcements were made by Mr. Mackey and it a whole big big deal. But when Stan's father told his wife about the phone call he got of the incident, her response was "SO!" If men can enjoy their farts, why can't women enjoy their queefs. It had gotten so out of hand that the men had suggested a law to ban queefing in Southpark , which actually went into law. It was silly and serious, as the women complained that if men had a right to complain about women queefing, then the women had a right to complain about men's farts.
Anyway, the videos had shown women queefing, and mostly they just rolled onto their backs and preseed their legs to their belly. Thusly forcing air down there. Then they just sat on the floor, and the air would just escape. Some of the women even squatted down to queef. It makes a man think twice about women as we probably didn't notice this, and women had even named some of their queefs as they say that it's pleasurable and fun.
When women queef, they say it's no big deal and just laugh it up, and men just fart, and laugh it up. But each is upsetting to the opposite sex. Men don't like queefs and women don't like farts. But either way it's an argument that's silly and you just can't win. It's just a natural thing out bodies do.

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